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So Excited to have Inspiring Beauty LLC (follow them on twitter/Instagram @InspiringBeaut1) tomorrow at our 1st Flawesome Academy Workshop 2 - 4pm at Dogtown. Positive, beautiful, and of course inspired to make people look & feel incredibly Flawesome. #RVA #supportmydolls registration is closing soon.

Tonight was seriously casual for me. I enjoyed riding out with Chinhayi this evening. Barack Obama mom jeans and all.

Natural Goddess by 17 year Old Joi Zakiyyiah Proves to Work Phenomenally

Natural Goddess by 17 year Old Joi Zakiyyiah Proves to Work Phenomenally

Natural Goddess Natural Hair Product Review by I'esha Gaptoothdiva

I don’t do too many product reviews. The reason for this is because I never really considered myself the type of person who would willingly place a product either in or on my body, with the hopes that it does exactly what the producer intended. I’m scared, LOL. That’s the truth. I mean what if my hair falls out, I get sick, or even worse (because of vanity) I get a rash or turn into a monster.…

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***Flawless Remix. Beyonce ft. Nicki Minaj

"Of course sometimes shit goes down when there’s a billion dollars on the elevator". 



Oh My Jill Scott! #EVERYTHING

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As The Keynote Speaker of This Year’s Camp Diva Girl’s Are Talking Conference - I Appreciate The Opportunity

As The Keynote Speaker of Camp Diva Girl’s Are Talking Conference - I Appreciate The Opportunity [Watch Video]

GaptoothDiva at the Camp Diva 12th Annual Girls Are Talking Conference

Never in my life would I have imagined that I would be asked to go into a room full of impressionable young women and speak. When a milestone like that comes your way, you can’t help but thank God for moving you in the right direction, so that you can be a blessing to someone else. I had been working so hard to transform my life, and now it seems like my transformation can help transform someone…

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ain’t nobody mess with Minnie’s man.

THE FUCKING POINT AND THE WAVE she’s like “bitch bye you can fucking step.”

Mickey is in stitches laughing about his woman regulating on the side chick. That was so Season 2 of Love & Hip Hop right there. I can’t. Lmao

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"and this is for colored girls…"

My Queen couldn’t stop crying when she was watching this.

What he said is everything that black men should hear.

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Absolutely true!

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Yaaasssss! August 17th our first Flawesome Academy Workshop. All ages encouraged to register. Come ready to interact & have some fun. Dogtown Dance Theater 2pm to 4pm.
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Dash brought a fearlessness to our lives when he came into this world. He doesn’t consider himself tiny, he’s got so much heart & attitude. He’s so awesome! #happybirthday

When I asked to be a blonde bomb in Chevron, there was a dope fashionista I knew could do it. @shoprunwaycouture handled her business with this cute plus romper in my favorite colors. ♡♡ I love it.
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