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Flawsome Life and Style

We bite our tongues when we should speak our minds. We choke ourselves with the things we should have said but didn’t, allowing our cups to over flow with animosity. Even if your circle gets smaller and everyone you love turns their back on you, stay true to yourself. I rather die a lonely authentic person who believed in herself than live a lifetime being a popular fraud. Positive ain’t always popular, but it pays my way to the Kingdom.

At Beauty Bar’s Mane Event w/ host @yoshikoent (@luvnbeaut slayed that hair) having a good time and loving the stylish attendees. #maneevent #beautybar #RVA #hair #support #events #fashion #hypehair #network (at The Beauty Bar LLC)


Any resemblance?

So dope, so beautiful!

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Good morning, Beautiful! #TGIF

#FLAWESOME …Because God Don’t Make No Junk! Xoxo


This interior is completely covered in neon pink paper. A great show by @HEADGENEVE #milan2014 which runs until 13th April

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My first book! A book that discusses my issues with sexual molestation, physical and mental abuse, depression, self-mutilation, drug and alcohol addiction, bulimia, and suicide attempts in an effort to inspire people to love themselves the way they are and understand that God has a purpose for your life. God loves you and all the struggles you encounter are preparing you to do His work. It’s a blessing I’m still alive.

… yeah, I wrote a book.
Change your life, read Flawesome!

Experimenting with some character ideas for some skits and the issue of black vs. blonde hair comes up. I love both, but… This makes me feel like Thelma from Scooby Doo. “Jinkies!” #GaptoothDiva #confidence #beauty #style #brunnette #pixie #flawsome #geek #nerdy #pink #lipstick

By @purposecloco “Couldn’t of said it any better !
- Jordan Belford (Excuse the profanity)

What’s your Why? Your hunger? Your #Purpose?” #Amen #inspiration #motivation #goals